About Jack...


  • * 37 years of Law Enforcement Experience in Metro-Atlanta
  • * Expert in Hostage Negotiations, Suicide, and Tactical Operations
  • * Expert in firearms marksmanship and physical security
  • * Member of the Traffic Unit/Motorcycle Squad
  • * Certified Hostage Negotiator and Suicide Negotiator for the Newton County  SWAT Team
  • * Member of the Community Outreach Program
  • * P.R.I.D.E. Instructor for the Georgia Traffic Injury Prevention Institute
* Public information Officer for the Newton County Sheriff’s Office

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To the Residents and Visitors of Henry County,

I’m a big believer in the power of strong leadership and how it can be a vehicle for great growth and positive change.  I first learned about such vital leadership principles while being raised by parents who were both United States Marines, and over the years was afforded the opportunity to embody and demonstrate those leadership characteristics while serving as a police officer and deputy sheriff.  Such qualities as selflessness, integrity, welfare of the ones you lead, proficiency in your work and setting the example always rang true to me.  Using those same fundamentals of leadership, I believe that the men and women of the Sheriff’s Office and I can partner with you and our communities to achieve even greater successes for Henry County.

To the Sheriff’s Office Deputies and Civilian Employees,

I promise you that there is no other place I would rather use my experience, education and training.  My two top priorities will always be mission success and employee morale & welfare.  I pledge that hiring, transfers, promotions, pay increases and discipline will be administered with absolutely no political motivation and public safety will be delivered to the citizens in a nonpartisan methodology, as I represent all citizens of Henry County and it’s visitors.

In law enforcement, we often talk about grounding your actions in logic and reason.  I strongly believe in simply doing the right things for the right reasons and will ensure that reasonability and good judgment are the foundation of my decisions as Henry County Sheriff. My goal is to work side by side with all employees, in every department, of the Sheriff’s Office and perform as a “working Sheriff”.

Community Objectives:

  • • Community Partnership: Seek out citizen participation in crime prevention with round table/town hall discussions, in cooperation with the Henry County Police Department

  • • Youth Focus:
      Build and develop programs, like the Police Athletic League, that instill and breed confidence in our youth, setting the conditions for living a life of meaning and purpose.

  • • Spotlight on School Safety:
      Expand the Sheriff’s Office interaction within our schools, with a focus on enhancing our security and safety posture.  Combining well-trained School Resource Officers (SROs), relationship building with students and faculty, integrating security technology and implementing strategies for identifying potential threats to our schools and children.  

• Anti-Crime Initiatives:
  Launch strategic enforcement programs targeting the criminal element while working hand-in-hand with the Henry County Police and other local and federal agencies.

Internal Office Objectives:

  • • Pay & Retention:  In law enforcement, a significant challenge is hiring and retaining qualified and dedicated people. Deputies are underpaid and many feel unappreciated. We must seek additional funding to stay competitive with other area law enforcement agencies.

  • • Employee Development:  To promote and encourage additional training opportunities within the duties of our deputies.

  • • Modern Equipment:  To ensure the department is applying proper research & development to ensure the department is equipment with the latest law enforcement technology and tools.

  • • Fair and Equitable Opportunities:  Administer an employee culture where female employees have equal advancement opportunities with their male counterparts, with no politics or favoritism in promotions.

  • • Physical & Mental Health:  Forward leaning and proactive with programs to keep our deputies healthy in mind and body, and combat the common stresses that can be experienced in a law enforcement career.

• Performance-Based Advancement:  Institute an overarching policy that seeks to place the best candidates, based on proper training, motivation, achievements and experience to fill open internal positions.